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Hi new member looking to get into this business.  I am in the Boston MA area and I am looking for suggestions as to what type of machines to start with. I have browsed the equipment reviews and  I am thinking Northwestern 60 but am uncertain whether to start w/ singles, doubles. Can these be upgraded to triples? If the actual cost of the machine was not an issue except in terms of overall longterm ROI, what would be the best way to go.  Am i incorrect in thinking that although some machines may be more expensive initially, that the cost made up in repairs in both time and money affect the ROI in ways not easily seen or are these repair costs so miniscule that it doesnt really matter.

Thanks in advance. I am excited to learn.


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Yes you do get what you pay for and you can usually make what you got pay for you. It's all about location, location, machine. The boss can get you better advice on your area for what works with machines up there. Generally is comes down to style and what works for you with the goals you have set. Welcome to the group.

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