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advice on a deal ...what u think.....sos.sos sos


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i need everyones help. i have never bought any used machines please let me know if you think these are worth this price ...........asking $600.           what do u think                                                    sale-1019045308@craigslist.org               4 triples 12 singles with all the stands  no shipping. its also craiglist on tampa fyi

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The link you put here is for emailing to craigslist so it won't take you directly to view these machines. I did a search and think I found your ad. It isn't a steal but not a bad deal. Offer him half what he's asking. You've got a long way to go get them if you're in Foley, Al and the machines are in Tampa. Unless you're going down there anyway you need to ad that into the price. I haven't bought any machines like those so can't say much as to the quality but must be others here that have them.


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