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Vending bottles with DN 720p-10r


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i am from canada and have a need to vend bottles of various sizes in a dixie narco 720p 10r machine.

the bottles are 591mm and 500mm and i need to know if the machine can be set up for this?  I dont have any shims- if they are required -and was wondering where i can get these for this machine to do 4 columns for 




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depending on how your machine is currently set up you will need both clips and shims.  To get these parts you'd be best off calling a part supply house like Vendors Tect, Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending.  The number of adjustments needed to change setups of either bottles on cans out of these machines is challenging, especially if you are new to vending.

The adjusts you'll need to consider are motor timing, shims, clips for the gauge bars and adjustments of gauge bars front and back to change package sizes in Vendo 720 series machines.

I changed one of these yesterday from bottles to cans.  It can be very challenging, so be patient.

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