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i am glad I kept digging and found this thread.  I have been in talks with Joseph Zapata, aka Jay, aka Jaden, aka Jay, aka AJ and I have his current phone number:  [REDACTED].

ive also been in contact with a Lisa Pietras [REDACTED].

The former companies Coke Programs or RedSolutions.co is now running under the name Pacific Learning Programs.  Same offers of a free IPad, hotspot, gift cards, money back guarantees, etc...

I was not scammed but if I did not find this thread I might have been so again thank you all for this thread!  I wish you all the best in nailing this scumbag!

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Pacificprograms.org  is the web site. Certainly expanded offerings.

Website says Pacific Learning Programs.

It appears a 'course' costs $5000. May have read it wrong.

Not going to contact them.

Make up your own minds.


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On 3/20/2018 at 3:13 PM, vendorman said:

Call me  I first got involved with zapata 12/2017.  Please tell if you have any results   Lvanegas1015@gmail.com



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This is bizarre. Three entries that are bizarre. James DeGrasse presented himself as a major employee of Redsolutions and cokeprorograss as did Hector. Zapata and DeGrasse both claimed that Hector was fired for some of the reasons cited in these 3 bizarre notes now applied also to DeGrasse.

The Pacific whatever ads read - in places word for word - the same as Redsolutions/cokeprograms.

Make up your own mind.

Mind numbingly bizarre. Written by Hillary Clinton? Haha


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Damn, I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night with my head up my butt.

In any case, even if we disregard any history the vague, marketing bs infused Craigslist ads y’all post are more than enough for me to sense a scam.

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Well now, we have a new fake shill for this scam in Vending101, who I think must have failed the Vending101 class.

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21 hours ago, VENDING101 said:

First of all. Previous posting are by former empoloyees lashing out for being fired...and former customer who is beyond crazy and as of now being investigated by the LAPD for (let just say you don't want to know till the time is right) Pacific Programs is owned by a completely different company there is no (as in none) connection between the two other than the fact Pacific Programs is adopting the cusotmers of RS, since the former employee Charlie Petrucci, and Paul Aaron Enriquez, peformed an illegal smear campaign using a dummied up WA state fix it ticket and this forum; and literally destroyed 90,000 in bank assetss....Yeah, they are wanted, TRUST ME. Lets not talk about the 1.2 millino being investigated by corporate crimes. The disgrunted person is the former employee; do not believe anythign he writes and he posts under different aliases. .. Everything in this forum is nothng but fired employees lashing back at the company. Another thing Lucy knows....she even refused a phone call with a state attorney...Yeah, she shouldn't be misllead by a "private voice" in a forum...over such an important decision. Oh and posting someones' private info like that in a public forum in false preteness is not just illegal but lets face it, a very untrustworth thing  to do. 


Yeah if you want to do something intelligent for a change look up the owner of pacific ....no connection, not one. Boy when they find out that you guys are trying to do to them what those idiots did to onesoure....they'll probably drag your unexpecting rambling self...to the next superior court room....with nothing short of a "we told you for the millionth time to stop lying, stop spreading rumors, and stop tyring to convince our customers and the customers of our partners to cancel....One source SOLD the former customers to Pacific due the terrorist bank crash by Charlie Petrucci, Paul Enriquez, and James De Grasse. Its out of our hands...but don't refuse the company over hearsay and rumor...especially from a place like this that doesn't regulate. Plus these guys have a vendetta to say the least. Contact me I can prove it right down to the court papers, polices reports etc...admin@epsolutionsco.com

Also, Redsolutions posted are stern request for any customer with a probelm to contact them for anything including a refund. 1 person reached out....and they did that twice. Because they are good people who ocassionaly come across crappy employees


Seriously, get a life...you token adult...with nothing worth while to do. Dont belive the former employees under different aliases....

Joseph Zapata, you of all people have the audacity to write on this blog and call people liars and cheats.  You have stolen from 100 people such as veterans and elderly by ripping them off with your coffee vending scam.  And now you have invented a new scam by which you are teaching people how to vend.  Your are pathetic!!

If you have anything else to say to me; let's make arrangements to meet at the Woodlands Sheriff's station.  Pick the date and time.  I would be happy to meet you there.  

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As cokeprograms Zapata sold vending machines, I think, back in 2012. He did not deliver if I remember correctly. There are still comments out on the web.

The Pacific Programs ads contain resolutions information and in many places are word for word from redsolutions. 

Read for yourself and think for your self.

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These posts are very bizarre. "Hollywood CUCAMUNGA Filthy Friend"  This is bizarre.

Read this blog for FACTS not bizarre statements.

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Vending101 has further proven to have failed in English, Spelling and in bad forum etiquette with their all-caps postings.

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Whether there has been a violation of the

Business Opportunity Fraud Act by:

Joseph Zapata, d/b/a Redsolutions,

Respondent )


 Order No.: S-17-2293-18-SCOI







Please take notice that the Securities Administrator of the state of Washington has reason to believe

that the Respondent, Joseph Zapata, has violated the Business Opportunity Fraud Act, RCW 19.100, and

that his violations justify the entry of an order of the Securities Administrator under RCW 19.110.150 to

cease and desist from such violations. The Securities Administrator finds as follows:



1. Joseph Zapata ("Zapata") is a California resident who is doing business using the name

"Redsolutions." Redsolutions' website lists its principal place of business as Irvine, California.

Redsolutions holds itself out as a commercial coffee route and equipment provider.

Nature of the Offering

2. Zapata used misleading Internet advertising claims to offer a business opportunity. On

October 23, 2017, Zapata posted a Craigslist advertisement on the Internet. The advertisement was targeted

to the Seattle and Tacoma, Washington area. The advertisement remained on the Internet during at least

October and November 2017.

3. In the Craigslist advertisement, Zapata made misleading earnings claims. The advertisement

included the headline: "Make [$]100,000 a year doing coffee routes!!!" The advertisement also repeatedly

included a claim that purchasers would "Make $1,500.00 a month on your first cycle! Make [$]6,000 a

month after 1 year!" Zapata failed to provide any reasonable basis for the business opportunity's projected


4. Zapata omitted material information about the business opportunity that was being offered.

The Craigslist advertisement stated that Redsolutions would pay for the business and the products and

equipment, but Zapata failed to disclose the projected costs of operating the business opportunity. The

Craigslist advertisement also referenced a $5,000 program fee, but stated that everyone would be approved

and in-house financing would be provided. However, Zapata failed to disclose the terms of any available


5. In the Craigslist adve1iisement, Zapata misrepresented that "Redsolutions operates in

EVERY city and EVERY state in the USA." Zapata also misrepresented that the business opportunity was

risk-free. The Craigslist advertisement stated that the opportunity had a money-back guarantee with "NO RISK!!!" In fact, the business opportunity had material risks, including the possible loss of the entire investment.

6. During the same time period of the Craigslist ads, Zapata adve1iised the business oppo1iunity

on a second Internet website with additional false or misleading claims. In October 2017, Zapata

misleadingly adve1tised that for a "small set up fee of $5000 you can jump right into the commercial coffee

services industry ... with a whopping 15 to 20 accounts and 'without spending a dime." The advertisement

failed to disclose the purchaser's costs of operating the business opportunity, including, but not limited to,

mileage, communications expenses, and business formation costs.

7. In the Internet advertisement, Zapata omitted other material information about the business

opportunity that was being offered. The advertisement indicated that insurance would be available to

purchasers, but it failed to disclose the source, the type, or the amount of any available insurance coverage.

8. In the Internet advertisement, Zapata included a misleading statement that a route license

could be sold for "huge" sums of money after it reached maturity. Zapata failed to provide a reasonable

basis for the projected increase in value or provide a timeline for the expected return.

Additional Undisclosed Material Information

9. When offering the Redsolutions business opportunity, Zapata failed to disclose other material

risks of the business opportunity, including, but not limited to, competition; the unknown operating history,

legal status, and financial condition of Redsolutions, the company offering the business opportunity; the

operating costs and expected revenues for the coffee delivery business being offered (including delivery and

service costs and the anticipated revenues for any specific routes); regulatory compliance risks; personal

liability risks; litigation risks; and the risks of inexperience with operating a coffee delivery business.

Failure to Respond to an Investigative Subpoena

10. In November 2017, the Securities Division served a subpoena on Zapata, which required the

production of records relating to the offer and sale of Redsolutions business opportunities to any

Washington investors. Zapata failed to respond to the subpoena.

Registration Status

11. Zapata and Redsolutions have never been registered to sell business oppo1iunities m


Based upon the above Tentative Findings of Fact, the following Conclusions of Law are made:


1. The offer of the opportunity described above constitutes the offer of a business opportunity

as defined in RCW 19.110.020(1).

2. Respondent Joseph Zapata has violated RCW 19 .110 by offering and selling business

s opportunities without being registered with the Securities Administrator to do so.

3. Respondent Joseph Zapata has violated RCW 19.110.120 by making a untrue or misleading

statement of a material fact or to omitting to state a material fact in connection with the offer, sale, or lease

of a business opportunity in the state of Washington.


Based upon the above Tentative Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, the Securities

Administrator intends to order that Respondent Joseph Zapata, and his agents and employees each shall

cease and desist from violations of RCW 19.110.050 and RCW 19.110.120.


This Statement of Charges is entered pursuant to the provisions ofRCW19.110.150 and is subject to

the provisions of Chapter 34.05 RCW. The Respondent, Joseph Zapata, may make a written request for a


HEARING accompanying this order. If the Respondent does not make a hearing request in the time

allowed, the Securities Administrator intends to adopt the above Tentative Findings of Fact and Conclusions

of Law as final and to enter a permanent order to cease and desist as to that Respondent.

Signed and Entered this 11th day of January, 2018


*Note: For some reason cutting and pasting from a PDF resulted in misspellings that did not exist in the pdf. I have corrected them.

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Joseph, everyone is aware of your scare tactics "my lawyer is on top of this" or "I am going to sue you".  Do everyone a favor and shut up already!!!!  Your rants and raves make you sound like a imbecile.  Either that or you're on meth.  I must congratulate on spelling my name right.  

 Lying, false accusations, threats, stealing, and evading are just a few words that big describe you.  I don't have to say anymore because you make yourself sound criminal and beyond stupid.  Let me know if you need me to rephrase this or dummy it down so you can comprehend (so you can understand).  

Edited by vendorman

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I have been extra generous with this thread, but I can't let this devolve into a back and forth shouting match. 

I am contemplating locking this thread if it keeps devolving.

I have removed a single post because it made an accusation about attempted murder. There have been accusations in this thread, but that is over the top.

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The Mage, I understand your concern.  I do believe you created this blog for individuals to share knowledge about their experiences good or bad pertaining to vending.  It's very transparent that Vending 101 is Joseph Zapata.  He is well known for his different alias and scams since 2012.   I would like to thank you for allowing victims the ability to warn others and help them veer away from Joseph's scams.  In reading some of these posts; there are people who are admitting gratitude and are thankful for your site.  

It is your decision overall on whether to lock this thread.  I just hope potential victims have other opportunities to be warned as they have by reading this site.  


Here are a few agencies aware of his scams:

Better Business Bureau - Complaint ID #612694

Federal Trades Commission - Complaint Ref #83796046

Financial Legal Examiner WA Securities Division -  Order No.: S-17-2293-18-SCOI STATEMENT OF CHARGES AND NOTICE OF INTENT TO  ENTER ORDER TO CEASE AND DESIST

FBI - Complaint filed thru www.ic3.gov.

Los Angeles County Cyber Crime Division 





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I think that cokeprograms, resolutions, Pacific Programs would like nothing better than to make outrageous statements pun this blog so that the blog will be closed.


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I have attempted to let Joseph Zapata post his position onto here. I do believe people and businesses have a right to defend themselves, and our reviews should generally not be one sided.

But I have recently received a profanity filled rant from him demanding the removal of negative reviews of him and his companies, along with a threat of legal action.

I don't accept intimidation especially where freedom of speech is involved. He has been banned, and flagged for SPAM, which both blocks him from the site and removes any posts he has made. 

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Thank you.  

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It was requested that I remove phone numbers, and I decided to comply with that request, especially since it looks like one of those numbers has moved to another company.

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Another victim here.  New business names are Pacific Programs, Red Line Coffee and Offer in Compromise




Joseph Zapata using false identity "Derek Foster"


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