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I was looking around at prices for candy. I noticed that most people are giving .5 oz per vend. I was doing the math, and for the prices I've looked at, they come out to $.15-.16 per vend. Is this correct? I was looking at Dentyne Ice machines earlier when the cost per vend was $.07. I think I should have looked into this earlier, but is that about what everyone's COGs per vend is?

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Skaught, I'm a little confused on how much to vend myself but here it goes:

Peanut M&M's should vend about 6 to 8 pieces per vend

Skittles, regular M&Ms, etc should vend about 12 to 14 pieces per vend

I'm not sure about Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes but I would say no need to vend more than 8 to 10...

I'm not sure how everybody breaks down the price but you should keep your prices per vend comparable to the below chart:

Gumballs   2-3 cents

Chickle   4 cents?

dentyne ice   8 cents?

Candy   8 cents

Nuts are higher.. not sure how much

I couldn't tell you how they get these numbers... maybe somebody else can chow in?

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For me, it seems like I have been vending about a 1/2 oz. per vend. PMM is 6 to 8. I test weigh once in awhile to make sure I am ok. It seemed like I was giving too many skittles, but once I weighed, I was good. The PMM is pricey. Like .09 cents per vend. Most of the candy is 7 or 8. bubble gumballs have been costing me about 3 cents.

Seems like when I was young, I worked for a time in the grocery business. I recall them telling me 33 % was what they paid. The added 3X to what they paid. So, if you go by that, .25 divided by 3 equals 8.3 cents. So, anything lower is great imho. Not to mention I have like zero overhead once the machines have paid for themselves.

My first batch did in 6 months.

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Online prices suck. If you use quill.com, only use them for gumballs. (I can't really recommend them after my experience) I usually aim for a 30-35% CoG. That's still high by industry standards. In PMM, my CoG is around 50%. I will not pay any charity or commission on PMM. If the account wants them, they will get a nice handful for the employee or customer, but no taking more of my money. I only have them in one location currently, and I don't expect to have them in any others. That one looks like it will go through a bag in a month though. (10 ppm per vend) That's enough to make it easy to handle stocking them.

If you need to stock really cheap, runts are incredible. Skittles aren't half bad either. Keep in mind to always have a plan for your business. For me, the plan is to get my current machines located, maybe do a few more, than push hard for racks focusing on either the 2 inch capsule or the flat vends.

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Maybe I wasn't looking at a good place for prices. I still need to get to Sam's Club to price the candy there. I'm hoping that I don't have to pay any more than 9 cents per vend.

whats nice is that sams has it broken down to how much the items cost per ounce before taxes
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