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Does anybody know anything about Energy Vending Machines and MO/GO Energy Bursts?


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energy vends are junk.  all you would be selling is hype.  buzz bites, mogo etc. is garbage.


Are you looking for somebody to tell you that they are a good product and a good business opportunity?  I don't think you will find that here.  For one, they biz-op you are asking about is just too new and nobody knows anything about them yet so we can't tell if they are pie-in-the-sky oportunities or not.  But based on past experience with other similar biz-ops this is one is no better than the others. 

If they offer exclusive territory, or make you buy a set amount of machines or product, or make you buy their machines from them in order to sell the product, then you know it's a bad biz-op.

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Most vendors here are "traditional" vendors with little or no experience with bulk energy products. You will probably not find an independent site (not sponsored by a biz-op) relatated to energy vending. So you are going to have to test the concept yourself. Will this company allow you to buy just 1 machine and 1 case of product to test? If not, run far far away.


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I am not the one that started this thread, i was just giving my opinion.

oops!  I'm sorry.  my bad. i quoted the wrong message.  I meant it for the message from okspav asking for any positive opinions.
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