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Changing Locks/Using Multiple Keys


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One of the measures I do to prevent theft is an interesting topic that has been talked about frequently:  Keying your machines.  My approach is shown below.

I posted this in another thread, thought I would be useful to post as a new topic.

When dealing with vandals/thieves, you may consider just replacing the lock on the machines, I try not to pull the machine if its a good performer.  Make sure you replace with more sophisticated locks than what was there if possible, if not you have to grin and bear it and pull the machine.

Also, NEVER EVER let anyone see/touch/smell your keys... EVER!  Guard the keys with your life!  Do not let them out of your sight, your pocket, your car, your service bag, ever! 

I DO NOT color code keys/locks/machines, someone else can pick up on your pattern and help themselves.  If it is too simple for you it is probably simple enough for others to figure out as well.  I have most of my locks down to memory, in a few cases I don't remember I narrow it down by lock pattern to 2 or 3 keys and play with them till I find the right one.  I am also going to start compiling a list of key numbers to add to my info on Vend-Trak.

I also use several different key chains (I have 4 as of now) that have several of the same keys and similar keys so would-be thieves don't pick up on which key chain i am using or which key.  It can be a pain in the butt at times but I consider it a price to pay for an extra layer of protection.  In some of my best stops, my fiancee will come with me to service and I will walk in with my service bag with the keys, and she will walk out with it, while I still have the keys in my coat pocket... just another way to hide the keys from view and keep a diversion away from them.

In a worst case scenario, if I lose a key chain or someone steals one, I have the other three with all of the keys from one on the other, plus a toolbox at home with even more so I won't be locked out of my own machines.  :)

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Johnny, I know you are a uniform lock guy, and when I get to a certain point I may do so too.  But for those of us who are buying a lot of used machines and don't have the resources yet to get our own camlocks and key codes, I am willing to suck it up with a bunch of keys. :)

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