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7x3 = $21 for a triple.

I would drive around and keep your eyes open for the type of machine you are going to place... restaurants, auto shops, lumber yards anyplace where there are people working and some traffic. I would say generally a large metro area is saturated, however there are so many opportunities in a big city. Good luck!

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You probably have to make the assumption that your area already has an over abundance of vendors. Just don't let it stop you from doing this business. There will be plenty of locations for you that are being poorly serviced, new business openings, personality conflicts and so forth to give you more locations than you'll have machines to place. Watch the new business openings in your area and try to be the first one there - even before they open. Stop in when you see someone in the store painting or cleaning. If they aren't the owner ask who is and when or where can they be reached. The early bird gets the worm. You hesitate and it may be too late. Get the new business listings if you want a jump on some of the competition. But believe me - some will already have been called. Let them know right away that you aren't calling them to sell them something but rather place a machine either on a commission basis and would be paying them or for charity purposes. These new businesses owners get so many calls they stop answering their phones. I like seeing them in person if possible so they can see your neat and nicely dressed and your machine also makes a nice appearance. If you go out trying to locate and see lots of machines in a business, don't go in trying immediately to place another one. Ask if they are happy and being given good service from their current vendors? They may say no and are ready to boot the old vendor out and you are ready to step in. They may tell you the vendor next to never comes, doesn't use gloves when handling the candy and the candy is stale. Jump in there! But make sure you use gloves and service that account or you will be the one getting the boot. You may notice the machines are dirty and out of product - point that out as your reason for asking. If they are happy with their service and things look good then just thank them for their time and move on. The problem should be in buying enough machines to put in all the locations that are out there.


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I would say it is saturated if you find a machine or several in every busy place. LOL We are a long way from that.

I am not sure the national average. I figured that I was doing well if my triples did half again as much. In other words, I shot for 14 dollars average per triple.

Well, I have only been doing this for a little under a year, but my stats for last year showed I made an average of 20.25 per triple per month. I live in a rural area, so I was shocked.

Go place them and if it does not produce, find a new location and move it! I did it and it works!

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