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Ohio Sales Tax on Food...Please Explain

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I thought it might be best to move this to it's own topic, since I was worried that my question might get lost in the original stream I placed it in.  So, here goes:

Looking for some help understanding Ohio's Sales Tax on food.  Food purchased for "off-premise" consumption is Tax-Exempt.  Sales Tax, however, is to be charged for "on-premise" consumption.  So my question is: Where does Vending fall in all of this?  If someone buys something out of a vending machine or honor snack box, is it taxable or not?  The vendor can't monitor whether the customer at the item right there, or took it with them to another location, right?  Is this wording of the Food Salas Tax for restaurants and caterers?  Or do vending companies in Ohio have to pay sales tax on all sales?  Then comes the confusion of the different rates in each county.  Does a vending company have to track each location's sales separately for sales tax purposes?  Any insight from Ohio vendor's would be MUCH APPRECIATED  :) 

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As in Arizona, this is probably the "food for home consumption" deduction that basically applies to grocery stores.  In Phoenix the interpretation has been in the past as strict as "if there is a place for it to be consumed on-premises then it's taxed."  This is geared toward tables and chairs in a breakroom but has also been taken so far as if there was a curb to sit on then it's taxed. This will come down to your state/city interpretation of how they should enforce the law.

Check with your state vending association for guidance on this.  They are the ones who fight for fair vending legislation.  If you can't find out who they are then go to NAMA's website and search for the Ohio state association.

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Thanks AZ.  I'll do that.  Trying to read the tax info from the state is like trying to interpret Aliens from Mars...lol.  I'll make a few calls.

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