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Sneak Peek at my first location on Friday night


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Went to pickup some wings on Friday night with the wife and we decided to try the wing place where I placed my machine (1.5 miles from the house, so nice and close). While we waited for our order I decided to take a sneak peek at how the triple I placed on Tuesday (just 3 days earlier) was doing. Upon opening the back I counted $15.75, with skittles being the clear leader at $9.75 while M&1 and PMM's being pretty much equal.

I was STOKED. I didnt grab the coins, just closed it and smiled. I cannot wait until the 10th of March to open this baby up and see how it did!


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Yea I got super lucky even getting a machine in here. It is a medium sized joint that has about 10 tables and sells everything from wings (of course!), cheeseburgers to steak.

There is always a few children in there with their parents, so I figured it may be a decent spot.

I did not expect so much so quick tho!

Almost lost the machine the day I placed it. When I located it myself, the guy at the front desk told me he was the owner. Turns out he was hired help and I got a call from the real owner. He wanted me to remove it ASAP but I saved the location. I guess he just wanted a piece of the action and rathered a cut of the sales instead of a charity machine. After some negotiating we secured 20% on the premise that NOBODY else can place a machine there =)

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Go Brian! Is that one of those cheap plastic ugly no good Vendstars making you all that money? lol Guess that just goes to show ya it doesn't really matter what machine it is - they still buy out of it. Glad you are so excited and keep up that great locating. You must have done a good sales job to save that deal.


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For 3 days that is great Brian!  :)  You are off to a great start.

Take rogers' advice to heart, don't be intimidated by the size and price of new racks, keep your eyes open for a deal on used machines/racks/etc... It won't likely be this month, but when the time is right it will come together for you.

Just keep that momentum going... you project yourself differently when you have that first good location and collection under your belt when you are locating.  The best thing to do now is try to find cheap but great used equipment to expand and grow your cash flow to grow into bigger/better machines like racks/sticker machines.

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You will pay that Vendstar off in no time then reinvest into more machines. Is it a national wing chain or just a local joint? Don't worry I think they hold $200 in quarters but I have never had that problem. Check with TBird on quarter capacity. Just a heads up for when you go to service them. Lift each canister off to knock all the quarters that get stuck on the candy chute off. Never leave a quarter behind after it had done it's job of vending.

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Way to go Brian. I'm a little embarrassed that you surpassed me so quickly. I'm order two stickers from NCCS from work tonight. (Free printing + a fax machine -- yay for working at the library I guess...)

Then I'll try to get those two machines located and get 5 out on location to keep up with you.

15.75 is just incredible. I'm really looking to find some locations that can pull in the cash like that. 20% isn't half bad for a commission either, I'm very impressed.

My first few locations have not been home runs like that. Only takes a few though to pay for your expansions.

I wonder if it's one of the employees, or if the kids are just wanting some skittles. Great work on doing those locations. Since you started with a charity, did you already have the material from NCCS when you went to speak with them?

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Thanks for the replys guys :)

Yea Beer, they hold ALOT of quarters, I am not really worried. I just hope it continues!

I will def re-invest into more machines. I know you all are not in favor of vendstars, but they seem to hold up ok. They may not be the lexus, but then again my old honda civic beater is still going strong to this day!

After I get a nice little fleet of machines going I can def change up the machine. I like the idea I can use the triples to find out which product moves the fastest.

The wing shop is a small franchise, with maybe 6-7 locations in florida. I am sure in the coming years many more will pop up as they are always steady and have a great customer base.

lurts, I did my pitch for NCCS and placed the machine without the label. As I am just getting started, with just a few machines it is $12 per machine per year up front. To keep my overhead small as I did not have a ton of money to invest I placed them first. The labels should arrive tommorow, or Wednesday =)

Again, thanks for the reply everyone!

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"Hello XXXX, I am Brian with JABE Vending and we are working with the National Children's Cancer Society.

Basically what we are doing, is going around to local (businesses love the local word) businesses in the area and asking them to donate as little as 1 sq foot of space so we can place a small gumball/candy machine.

In addtion, note that this is at no cost to you. I will fully service and stock the machines for you."

That is the main gist of it. Then answer a few questions they might have, like liability etc.

If I get even a stutter or a slight pause, being a salesmen like I am - I go in for it. I waste no time and get to the chase.

But hey, that's me =)

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