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Need expert guidance on DN 2145 cooling deck issues

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I have 3 DN 2145's in my shop that I am trying to resurrect and make location ready.

One of them is fully operational, cools correctly but is noisy.  Not sure what is causing it - one of the fans, probably  - how do you inspect the evaporator fan - is it up there in the side of the cabinet?  How do you access?

One of them needed a new (used) display board I found in a pile of parts to get functional, everything works but not cooling at all - can hear the compressor try to kick on/off every 5 minutes or so - have not tried plugging compressor in directly to see if I can get it to work at all - if I do plug it in, does it bypass the cold control?

3rd one is missing the glass door, but otherwise appears to function correctly - cannot confirm cooling very well without door

Question:  All 3 of these 2145's have the sideways mounted compressor - so what I've read on here that means the evaporator cannot be removed from the machine - I have not disassembled to confirm, but would like to get them all up and running.  Really no way to get the deck out as a complete unit?

I don't have a lot invested in these machines, willing to cough up a few bucks to a repair tech to salvage what I can- if he confirms bad compressor on at least one of them, what is the process - cut the hard lines to the evap, remove & replace compressor, re-solder the lines and re charge?

If I could get 2 good working 2145's out of the 3 I have that would be a score - might take the glass of the one with the definite cooling issue and see if the other one is operational. 

I also have a single 5591 in the shop that is popping a fuse every time you try to power it up - trying to figure out where to start with that one, could a bad cooling deck cause that or is it generally issues with the logic board?  I have a couple extra boards in the parts pile, but am hesitant to put one of those in as I don't want to fry the board if the problem is with the power supply or something....any strategy advice for troubleshooting this?


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