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Westar/Eagle Mini Giant


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Here is a photo of my Mini Giants that I love to run on my locations with good traffic and good kid count:

The Pros of this machine are:

-Kid friendly, pops out in their eyes

-Holds 800 or so gumballs/capsules

-Space-saving design, fits in smaller spaces too

-Runs with Oak/Eagle parts and mechs

-Wings can be added to make it into a space saving and eye-popping triple!

The Cons of this machine are:

-Finding them.  Westar is/was based in California and I'm not sure if they are still in business.  The few secondary market opportunities I have seen are on the West Coast which makes shipping a bear.

-Filling them too near to the top with gumballs sometimes can cause a weight distribution problem in the globe leading to a mis-vend.  Keep them at about 2/3 full max.

-Filling them with capsules makes them light enough to be stolen easily in high-risk spots.  Be careful when placing them and make sure you secure them in plain sight as much as possible.  I tend to use toys in the middle of a triple to make them a little heavier and awkward to walk away with.

-Cost.  Is a major unknown due to Westar being in limbo... you could pay $40 or $150 per, depends who is selling them and where.

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