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Jpeg max MB restriction


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Everyone has a 4 MB storage limit, (5 for supporters,) though I made the mistake of thinking posts were separated from that max, but they aren't.

The reasons for the limits are because if our community hits our storage limit, VENDiscuss automatically bumps up to the next level, increasing our storage by 50%, and our hosting costs by 50%. Posting images as linked images has practically no effect on our limit, as QuickVend pointed out, and it will be longer before we are pushed into a higher bracket. We are currently about 78.5% full. 

Another option is to reduce the size and/or quality of images before posting them.


This is the same image you recently posted, but at 117 KB instead of the 1.09 MB of your original post. (Reduction in size, and quality moved to medium from high.) Almost 10 times as many of these images can be posted here.

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