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Allow me to introduce myself


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I have been reading this forum for a while and have learned a ton of information from everybody here and have to say Thank you for that, it has saved me time and money and possibly some of my sanity. 


So here's a little about me.


In July of last year I began looking for a change after spending 21 years in the trucking industry, I began as a driver and worked in management for the last 5 1/2 years, but was always away from home. I came access and ad on craigslist of a guy selling his vending business and sent him an email. Long story short it sounded good and I jumped on it in September of last year. He thought he had 70 accounts and about 100 machines located with another 100 in storage. It ended up being about 80 accounts, around 120 machines located, and 200 in storage. The machines are a mix of my own machines, coke's and pepsi's. He said he was grossing 8K to 10K a month, I figured it was more like 6 to 8 a month (and my guess wasn't far off). He had his son working for him that was beginning college and wanted out of the business. It came with some moving dollies, an old enclosed trailer (not worth towing), and a sprinter van with a blown motor (he is paying to have that fixed eventually per contract).


In November I purchased another small vendor out that had 13 accounts with 18 machines and an enclosed trailer for 13K (fee I overpaid on this one)


Here we are about 9 months later, his son still works for me we are grossing about 12K a month. I have added card readers to some machines, started using Vendsys as my VMS, trashed some machines, upgraded others and of course added and lost some accounts. I have more planned for the rest of this year for upgrades and route changes and growth as time and finances allow.


Only experience I had in vending was I owned a couple machines at the office where I worked.


So now everyone knows a bit about me be it good or bad. Lol


So what are some of y'alls opinions? Did I do ok or should I have walked away. It doesn't matter now because the deed is done, just curious.


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