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Need Control Board for Old Dixie Narco Drink Machine


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I have an old Dixie Narco soda machine model DNCB with a "MPC" control board.  The machine is operating fine except... The problem is when you push the service button, the machine does not go into the service mode.  I am unable to do any programing such as change price or test motors etc.  I changed the door switch and that did not fix the problem.  The MPC control boards can be purchased on line at various web sites for between $125 and $225.  Will someone who has an old board they salvaged be willing to sell me their board for less?


Attached is a photo of the board for reference.


Frank Hamann

Orange, CA



DN MPC Control Board.jpg

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Email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom and I can send you one.  However, I do want to ask why you are being so cheap about paying for a logic board. You do want a guaranteed working board don't you?  If so then you need a rebuilt board, not someones takeoff board that has no guarantee of working.

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Thanks Az,

Yes i am a thrifty (or is that cheap?).  I like to take my chances.  I often buy used boards and other part on EBay and have pretty good luck.  Usually on Ebay various control boards for snack or soda machines were around $30 to $60.



PS  I will contact you by email.

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