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I have a Genesis Combo Model#380.  About once a week the coin mech, not the bill acceptor, simply stops working.  Coins all fall right through.  When I unplug the machine, wait a minute, then plug it back in, everything works fine.  This has happened twice in the last two weeks.  Any idea what could be the issue?

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Have you cleaned all the dust and dirt out of the coin mech? Can you estimate how long the coin mech works based on how many coins it accepted before it stopped working. If you have another similar machine, I would trade coin mechs to see if the problem is in the mech or somewhere in the machine, like the main board or somewhere with the communcation between mech and bill validator. I've seen a Dixie Narco that had a bad bill validator where the coin mech would start up fine, but as soon as you put a dollar bill in, the communcation between the mech and the validator would stop...so you couldn't get change or put any more coins in the machine...but as long as you bought a drink you could keep putting dollars in. I swapped the bill validator and the mech worked fine.

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