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AP Studio 2D - weird glitch

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I have had an AP Studio on location at a tire shop for the last 4 years - machine looks/works great, never have any issues except the left column will not display prices even though everything functions correctly. (A1, B1, C1, etc..)

Set the price on A1 at $1.50, close the door, hit A1 and it displays .00 - if you put in $2 it vends the product and gives you $.50 change - same for every selection in that column - so it is working correctly but will not display price.

All the other selections display price correctly.

I figured it was just a quirk of the machine and let it ride - no complaints from the account (have price labels on there of course, so customers know how much product is - just doesn't display)

Just recently got another AP Studio on location as part of a route purchase, and it does the exact same thing - go figure....

Both machines are identical, both with this same glitch - or am I missing something?  Can't find anything in the manual, tried resetting all prices in that column, no change.




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