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Need a Manual for Old Conlux Bill and Coin Mech Tester MTS-003


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Does anyone know where I can get a manual for this old Conlux bill and coin mechanism tester MTS-003?  I recently squired it, but I need the instructions.


Frank Hamann

Orange, CA



Conlux Tester.jpg

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Thats a very old but complete vending tester. The new SEM testers doesn't have the same versatility this one have to test multiple kind of equipments, but you have to be very careful. It all depend on what kind of equipments you gonna test and the voltage of it. I used it long time ago and I liked it very much. Now all is MDB and a SEM handheld tester is enough. 20 or 15 years ago the story was different. As far as I remember it was build by a mid west company in United State or they supported it for service and sales. I can't find the webpage, maybe is in my old computer.... I tried Goggle, but all searches returned empty. Always use a ohm tester in the power circuits before you connect anything to it. Good luck...

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