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Easy Pro coin shoots


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I went to my factory location where I have an Easy Pro. I noticed that a quarter was jammed in the coin mech for my GBs. I was then told that the PMM's were giving money away with the candy. So I took my machine apart and found that the coin shoot had all jammed up with quarters and so the GBs were on free vend, and the PMM's coin shoot had come loose and jammed up with quarters so it was giving refunds with the candy. I'm switching to Oak.

There are some good things to come from this location. My sales volume did not drop despite closing my candy wheels and the plant laying people off and going down to a 4 day work week. I was also granted permission to intsall a 4th head. My first Rack! I am going to save up for another month or two and  put in 4 Oak Vista Cabinets and see how that does. I'd really like to put in the Imperial Classic Vistas but I want to get that Easy Pro out of there ASAP...I don't want to lose any more money from a broken machine.

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