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How much do you estimate it would cost to get a DBV added to this claw machine??


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Hey everyone, so I have a 90's Clean Sweep claw machine made by Smart Industries (pic below) that does not have a DBV as you can see. This is because when this model was first introduced and being manufactured and sold by Smart back in the day, DBV's were only offered as an optional feature for an additional price, so a lot of these ones were built without DBV's.


So I went to my local arcade machine repair business and they said they'd ask their technician if they can install a DBV on this machine and then call me to let me know. Well they called me yesterday and they said that they can install a DBV to the machine. I haven't called them back yet, and thought I'd post here to ask you guys how much you think this would cost? The door where the DBV would go is made out of wood, so a hole is going to have to be cut out for it in addition to wiring it to the machine of course. This is the only arcade repair business in my area, so I am curious about how much it will cost since they basically have a monopoly over their clientele. 


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3 hours ago, brmorr said:

Probably going to charge you $300-400 to do this with DBV.

Hate to say this as well, but what are you going to do when that crane breaks or has issues? You are not going to make much money having someone else repair your stuff.

You really need to dig and learn this stuff for yourself or your crane is not going to last long on location. Specially since it's a 20 year old one..

That's not too bad of a price to have one installed. And the reason why I'm going to a technician for this is because it requires modifying the machine by cutting out a hole in it for a DBV to be installed in addition to connecting it to the machine. 

And as for what else you said, I completely agree. I'll probably barely break even if I have to have a technician come out and do all of the repairs for me. I want to learn this stuff for myself, but I don't know where to find learning materials on crane maintenance and repairs, do you know of any good sources? The only thing I have found is this video made by a vendor that goes by the name vendingjunkie, the video costs $25 and it shows you how to perform maintenance on claw machines.  Apparently he has other materials about claw machine matinence too. What do you think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gncYYh71JF0

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