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Treasure Chest reboots after each play


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Hey guys, I picked up a treasure chest, which is my first claw. Looking forward to getting it working right.

When I turn it on it goes back, right, left, forward, blinks 88 01 then is ready for play.

After a play it goes forward+left, but the forward rollers never stop as if the forward limit switch isn't getting hit, but I have verified mechanically and electrically that the limit switch is definitely making contact.

After trying to go forward for about 5-10 seconds it flashes 88 01 then goes through a reboot loop.

I took the carriage apart and sprayed de-oxit on all connections and in the switches, made sure it was working good. I also cleaned all of the connections between the carriage and the main board that I could find.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Especially how to look up the fault codes.

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Can't help you on that crane. Pretty old. Ok, works ok in power up (boot up) but reset after play. Does it grab when playing? Does the crane have a "set up" or "test" mode? If so maybe it has been placed ( by dip switch) in test? I would look for a bad connection between the front limit switch and the board. Boot up is internal usually and doesn't rely on communication from the limit switches. Sometimes it's easier to make a long jumper wire and go from where you think the problem switch is to the board connection. Sorry can't help you more maybe someone here has had one of these and can help

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