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what kind of scam is this?


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So i had a conversation with a guy on craigslist about purchasing a bunch of Vendstars... well ill just post it here.


Him: I can sell you (6) for $450 or (8) for $600
Still Available, 
Did you want me to call 
to set a time to meet? 
me: yea, i would take 8 but thats too expensive, the most i'd be willing to do for 8 is 400, i get lots of these at 25-50 a piece
Him: i've got (8) ultravend ones I'd let you have for $400
but they are a bit dirty.
I may have some old vendstar ones, if you are ok
with ones that are yellowing
Me: Sure, as long as the mechanics work and the plastic isnt broken
 Him: Let me know if you want the (8).  Thanks 
Me: yes i want the 8 so long as i can inspect them. i hope you arent expecting me to commit to something i havent seen, sort of like buying a car without looking at it.
Just so you don't offer any less,
If you only decide on (7) machines,
it is still $400.  If you find the machines
aren't what you want, you don't have
to buy any, but if you do buy any, it is
$400.  Just so we are clear that it is
$400 or nothing, nothing in between.
Me: ok then i choose nothing.  good day
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He would rather you deal with the 8th machine than him. Through my brief experience, you are best off waiting for a better offer when it comes around.

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Washington. i was purchasing vendstars. i dont know why everyone hates on them i love them so far.

Vendstars are good, but don't buy yellow canisters.. That would be a pain in a butt to clear up... If you can't then you just have to throw them in a trash can.

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