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Humidity in Denver is always relative because you always have a threat of thunderstorms - at least everytime the Dbacks play there. Check that the inner door latches are snugged tight but not so tight that it's hard to turn them. Inspect the door gasket for integrity. Check for a good seal on the baffle door by looking up from under. There shouldn't be any light showing at the door seal contact area.  Check the seal on top of the baffle door for tears and that the top surface of the baffle door isn't wavy.  Lastly and as a last resort, pull the cooling deck out and inspect the seals on the top of the evaporator plenum.  If they are still the old foam ones without a slick top surface then the have to be replaced.  If you pull the unit make sure you have the drain P-trap and not the straight drain hose.  

There isn't much wrong with the aftermarket blow-thru evap fans but when those are installed you need to put the old fan housing without the squirrel cage fan in to help direct the airflow.

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