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Anyone want to trade..?

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Not sure if anyone on here would be interested, but I have a very nice Wittern 3500 at I17 and Northern, the account isn't that good, but I keep the machine there as free storage basically!

I want out of this location because it it SO FAR AWAY from the heart of my route. I will eventually pull the machine, but still have machines that need placing... Does anyone have a similarly bad location somewhere in the East Valley that they'd be interesting in trading with me?

Of course I only want to trade for a machine of similar caliber/value! I LOVE my Wittern 3500's!!

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I understand holding a "bad account" for convenience purpose (storing the machine for you while you earn a couple bucks), but once that account becomes an INCONVENIENCE, I'd pull it and store my machine.  In theory, trading seems sensible, but as AZ stated, I'd just pull it.  Too much hassle.  Plus, I find that if I have equipment sitting in my warehouse, it gives me MORE incentive to find a new account, whereas when it's sitting at a bad account, it's out-of-sight - out-of-mind.  Just my 2 cents. [emoji4] 

I got a sticker machine in the back of my van that I have to find a home for.... How's that for motivation!!!

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