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Looking for Vending Machine touchscreen manufacturer in Europe


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Hello everyone

I'm looking for a vending machine manufacturer that already manufactures a machine that incorporates a 65 inch touchscreen, and is capable of vending a mixture of products, from chilled Coke cans to packets of candy or crisps depending on what modules are fitted

The vending machine will be for indoor use but I would also consider an outdoor unit if available

The company I work for is looking to purchase 5 to 10 units to begin with and we would require some customisation, for example we're looking to use these machines for promotional/advertising purposes so we wouldn't require any coin or payment devices fitted

Manufacturer ideally to be located in the UK but would consider anywhere in Europe

The closest machine I've found in the UK is one manufactured by Intelligent Vending Ltd but their screen at 46 inches is too small, and they're not prepared to build a 65 inch version unless we can give them an order for 100 units and I'm afraid that's not going to happen. The 65 inch screen requirement is a must-have

If anyone here can assist or point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated

Cheers - Jason


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Thanks for the link AZVendor

Unfortunately the machine in your link has a 46" touchscreen, same size as the Intelligent Vending unit.

As stated 46" is too small for advertising purposes, a must-have requirement is that the screen is 65", or rather 65" is the minimum requirement, a 70" or bigger would be acceptable. I work for an advertising company and we know from experience that top brands like Coke & Pepsi etc are very reluctant to buy media on anything smaller than 65"

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the content will be the same size regardless if it's a 65inch or 46 inch screen as the aspect ratio and therefore the resolution remains the same @ 1080x1920 pixels

I've already spoken to manufacturers in the UK about building a vending machine from scratch to 65inch spec. The problem is they want about £80,000 ($100,000 ish) up front just for research, development and tooling, and then a minimum order of 100 units which would cost minimum £15,000 per unit and we just don't have a market for those sort of numbers. As I said in my opening post these machines are intended for promotional activities and not for commercial vending. We will literally be giving away free products, for example, say, in a shopping mall environment where for say a two-week promotion customers are encouraged to interact with the screen, say complete a very simple puzzle type game, and as a reward the machine spits out a free sample of the product that's being promoted.  We might run a nationwide campaign that has one machine in 5 or 6 malls, 10 at the most, but never in a million years are we going to have a requirement for 100 machines all of them spitting out free products

So building from scratch is just not viable. What I'm after is a manufacturer that has already produced a 65 inch machine, so most of the major tooling has already been done, and who is then capable of modifying their to our requirements, namely remove and blank off the coin/cc reader, upgrade the PC to i7 spec with Nvidia graphics card, and maybe add a webcam or two and maybe some speakers

Content development we can do in-house although our developers might require some assistance to begin with integrating the front-end content with the middle-ware that operates the vending. 

If I can find an established manufacturer that is already selling a 65" touchscreen vending machine for say, £20k / $26k  and then is capable of doing those upgrades for another three or four thousand, I would arrange a Purchase Order asap for at least five units

65 inch vending machines do exist, but I've only seen pictures or videos of them and I think all of them were made in Japan, which is a problem as the company I work for doesn't have any representation whatsoever in that country

am I right in thinking that most of the members on Vendiscuss are based in USA?

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