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1980's Sanyo Coke Vending Machine Talking Voice Box


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Hi I have a 1960's coke machine CS-96E that I want to install my voice box in.

The voice box is made by Sanyo E&E Corp 4000 Ruffin Road San Diego California 92123 but from what I can find, it is no longer there. The voice box is model SVU-517USL and plays the 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke' tune. The problem is that I can't find the instruction manual and wiring diagram being the most important of the 2. I once had it on my pc but didn't get it backed up before it ended up crashing and I lost everything on it.

I've tried searching now for over 2 weeks and the only thing I came across so far was a discussion from 2006 that was between a few people whereby one guy said he had the wiring diagram and would send another guy a copy but then no more replies after that. The only other thing I found was this same voice box on ebay and have already sent the seller a message but still no reply 




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