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Snach Shop II bill problem


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I have an old Snackshop II AP model 435 that has a weird problem.  Everything works ok when coins are used.  When a bill is entered, the display shows $1 credit, and then about 1/2 second later, the display shows $2.  When you select a $1.25 item, the product is delivered, and $0.75 in change is returned.  What is causing this, and how can it be fixed?  The coin mech is a Coinco 9302-LF, and the bill accepter is a MEI model VN 2511 U3.


So far, I have done the following:


Replaced the coin mech with the identical model:

Result; Same problem.


Changed the configuration switches on the bill acceptor to all three combinations, Short Pulse, Long Pulse, credit line.

Result: Same problem.


Would you suggest I change the VN 2511 bill acceptor?  I will have to buy one.

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It very well could be the bill acceptor.  It's possible that what is happening is the bill acceptor is registering $1.00 when it is inserted, but then registering $1.00 when it stacks.  It's difficult to explain.  Your other problem is that you have an AP 435 but that may not be a problem to you.

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You probably have a bad bill validator interface kit.  What model of interface kit do you have?  Those machines from the early 80's were never built with validators so they are all added on with various kinds of kits and harnesses.  Give us the model of coin mech as well.

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Hi AZ,
I am helping Ckingcope123 (my friend Aaron) in trouble shooting this machine.  Today we confirmed that the problem is not with the bill validator (VN 2511), or the coin mech (Coinco 9302-LF, 24 volt, 15 pin),  That leaves the bill validator interface kit.  As you can see from these photos this board is made by "Versatile Control Systems."

Just to recap the problem:  AP Snackshop II Model 435.  When a $1 bill is entered, the display shows $1 and then a split second later it shows $2.  The machine works normally when coins are used.

Any ideas on what we should do? Do you have a replacement board you can sell us?

Frank and Aaron

AP 425 Validator Interface Board 2.jpg

AP 425 Validator Interface Board 1.jpg

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