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Older Model Pepsi Vending Machine Won't Vend


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I got an older model vending machine from my parents. It sat unused in their garage for many years.

I plugged it in thinking that nothing absolutely would work. Much to my surprise - it started running and actually got the cans REALLY cold. However, it will not vend.

I would like to set for 'free vend' if I can get it working properly. I dropped 2 quarters in and you can hear them hit into the metal bin that collects the money. No other noises before that.

When a press a selection button, nothing happens. The coin return does not work either.

I tried attaching some pictures as well, but I kept getting an error message so I can email them.

Also, how do you know which column goes with which button?

After taking the attached pictures I did load the first slot with 25 cans. Still no change in the above.

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