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Silver coins and vending machines

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SO I know that modern coin mechanisms in arcade games will reject silver quarters, but does anyone know what the scenario is for vending machines?

I figure all the change I collect is PRIME for silver-hunting... but only as long as silver isn't being rejected!

For those who might not know: 

Quarters and dimes 1964  or before are made 90% of silver. 

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I find silver semi-regularly with my coin counter/sorters. I process quite a bit of coins every month due to my bulk and canister collections. I don't go out of my way for it, but I do have a good ear for them and snag them when I catch them. 

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3 hours ago, CapitalCityVendingLLC said:

Yea, spend your time better.  A silver coin, extra buck or two.  Woo Hoo.  Go land a big account, treat them right, and have it for the next 20 years.  Boom.  Thousands and Thousands of dollars.  You'll stop looking for silver coins when you grow you biz.

Very true about the big account. Seeing as I do it as a hobby, I think that's akin to saying I'll stop other hobbies when I grow my business to, which I don't agree with.

I guess if my business kept me busy with 12 hours/7days a week with good accounts I'd completely drop my hobbies for the bookoo buck$$!

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Being in the business long ago I learned to spot the color of a silver quarter or dime out of the midst of regular 'clad' coins. (I was in 4th grade when the clad coins came out and remember trading silver quarters to classmates to get a clad version.) My dad was also in vending during the 1970's and our collections were counted at home. Over the course of a few years I think we found about $100 worth of silver dimes and quarters, but I'll bet the ones in circulation now are 1% of what they were back then. I wouldn't worry so much about looking for them... not worth the effort.

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