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Tapatalk Stopped Working

Corvus Corax

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I despise Tapatalk. It sends me a message almost daily that my plugin is out of date. I just, as I have before, removed the old plugin, and installed the newest one. But it still lists the plugin as being an older version. 

I sent a support request to Tapatalk. Hopefully they will be more helpful than the last time.

I recommend using the mobile site. Since upgrading it has become much more mobile friendly. At least until Tapatalk is back up and running.

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This is kind of a pain in the butt. I've had an annoying minor issue with this app for awhile now, and their support didn't help, so I decided to live with the issue. And now that there is a bigger issue, support really doesn't seem to be helping.

The last response from them was not to worry if the app is working, and my response was that it wasn't working. (Plus some details.) I am still waiting for a response.

How do people feel about the Tapatalk app? Is there any reason it is better than just opening up the site through a browser? I admit I was never a "power user" of tapatalk if such a thing exists. Maybe some alerts on my phone, but I can easily set up my email to do the same thing.

Would anyone be upset if I dumped the app from our site?

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