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Anybody in the Seattle WA area want some free locations?


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I'm fairly picky about the locations I accept these days. We've been turning down several locations and I have nobody to refer them to. If you're in my area and you'd like me to send you locations I turn down post your info here.

In the last week I declined a Les Schwab in Mukilteo that wants snack and soda and a retirement home with 95 units in Marysville that wants snack and soda.

I'm willing to send these to you free no strings attached. I just ask that you act professionally with customers I send your way!

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6 hours ago, ABCVending said:

I am in Seattle.

Would be interested in any leads for accounts South of the downtown core -  possibly Eastside as well.



Shoot me an email with specific cities you service and I will put you on my list. VendcoBros@gmail.com 

We also do repairs for other vendors if it's something you're in need of.

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On 7/27/2017 at 5:24 PM, kevinnguyen said:

I'm in Seattle. Do you have any locations in Kent, Auburn or Federal way? 

I have many full size snack and drink machines are available.  

I will send you info as leads in the area come up.

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22 hours ago, kevinnguyen said:

If you're doing so, I'll be happy to work with you in the long term. I've been with vista vending so far, spend more than 10k with them but it seems like they're over charged me a lot.

I'll really appreciate it.


Vista Vending is a good starting point. Their prices are high when they sell stops but their yearly gross numbers are pretty accurate. I have lots of stops in your area I could sell but you'd need your own Coke and Pepsi account for assets.

If anything comes up in the area that I don't want I'll give them your info!

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Hey guys here's one for you all -

Forward Air @ 2507 Frank Albert Rd, Building C, Fife WA
Wants DN5591 with Entray shelf. Already has a coke 8 select, may also want a snack machine. Michelle is the contact. Around 30 warehouse workers. Truck drivers visit regularly volume depends on the day.

I'm not taking it because it's a bit out of my range (I only go as far south as Kent) and the number of employees is too low for food in my opinion.


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