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Seaco SG 200 coffee machine

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Have an sg 200 that previously lost all memory.Reset and reconfigured, and generally it is now working.However it will NOT allow me to price anything that has .05cts, so my $1.25 coffee will only go to $1.20, and jump to$1.30. Also after making a vend it will than show a credit of $635.00 even if only $1.25 was put into Machine.

If anyone has some thoughts or has encountered this issue, u would appreciate their feedback.







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This sounds like you might have a nickle problem with your coin mech where the machine knows the mech either isn't programmed to accept nickles or there is a nickle acceptance problem.  If this isn't the case and you can use nickles all you want then check that you have a proper nickle payout tube as that missing from an MDB mech would disable the nickle pricing. Otherwise, post this in the coffee forum for someone there who has these machine might help you.  

Additionally, some machines might not be programmed to accept nickles so check for your coin options in the programming.

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