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Healthy for You/Breakfast Items?

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We're in the Midwest and gave Cliff Bars and Kind Bars a try but they haven't taken off. Granola is so last year. 

Nut ~1.5oz pouches have been hot for us. Trying to locate Emerald Breakfast on the Go for Wholesale/Vending. Particularly the Mocha Expresso ones. Or Smores/Traditional breakfast. 

I'd appreciate input, ideas, trends you've been successful with. 

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Pop Tarts are always a good breakfast/ meal replacement item, long shelf life and the strawberry and cinnamon flavors are steady sellers.  They also have a whole grain variety with one to a package that meets school vending guidelines. 

Nature valley has some good items (and some duds) .  The dark chocolate protein bar has been a good seller for me, as well as the peanut butter chocolate granola cups (like a healthier reeses cup).   Also the dark chocolate crunch bar. 

Kar's seems to have the most nut choices at the best prices. 

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