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A locator charges more for the location then what a good used machine cost. Your largest start up cost is the locator. We should hold 20% of location cost for 90 days. That way we know the location will work. The locators say they will replace under performing locations. Kick outs ect. Any other service business in the world except drug dealers and lawyers work this way. Tired of when you order more locations I will replace one. Why should we be held to a standard where we have NO recourse when the locator tells us off. I am busy now but, I will get to you  as soon as I get caught up. I already paid for the location, locator got a golpher location, got paid. too bad. Here I am holding my nuts waiting for a replacement location for my peanut machine. DO NOT PAY if you think the location is not going to make money. Have them find you a better location. They don't know what the location is like. Can't see through phone. tired of buy my golpher not his golpher. I am the best don't trust the rest. Only pay by check to a business name and mail it. That is how real business works.

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