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Coinco vortex


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For 3 tubes: Coinco 9302GX, Mars 6512

For high cap: Mars CF 7512 is the gold standard, but newer Coinco Guardians are good too (older ones need an 80 dollar upgrade to the payout assembly)

Mars 4000 series are OK for indoor clean locations, but don't get them from eBay (typically wore out)

Coinco Vortex's are OK when BRAND new, but quickly wear out and turn to golpher. Rebuilds aren't much better. For other mechs though rebuilt is all I use.

Conlux 5 series are OK, I don't mind them but I won't go out of my way for one, they are more plasticy than some like, you gotta be gentle. Also the coin cassette/ tubes wear out if you pull them out often.

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I have no experience with coinco guardians.  I have heard neither good nor bad about them either.  For machines that don't need a high capacity mech, I prefer a coinco 9302-gx hands-down.  For high capacity, I use mars cf7512.  The 9302-gx is probably the most common MDB mech I have, only second overall in my entire inventory to the mars trc-6000 for 110v machines.

I would only use a working vortex if it was free.

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