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I am developing software for distributors and vending operators and I am looking for some feedback on some analytics I have developed for missing sales opportunities by comparing a vending operator product mix to anonymous aggregated data.

I have many other reports and tools for developing spreadsheets. If you have any unaddressed requirements, let me know and I  will consider developing for you  at no cost for development or runtime.  All required libraries are open source.

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Hello, I have been searching for some sort of report or report template I can use to analyze machines sales. I have compiled all the data but it would be great to see it on a report. 

Here is the data I have collected:


-YEAR 2018 & 2019





This would essentially be able to give Me a detailed view and comparison of each of my machines year vs year and month vs month of cash & cashless monies collected. Not all my machines have VMS or credit card readers so this can help me see and track sales for each machine as well. Lastly, I also think this will help with routing... I would be able to answer questions like: Should I have my driver go restock certain machines more or less often? 

Thank you for your time, LGV


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