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Help Bev Max 5591 Noise Problem


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I have the first Bev Max in a hotel which keeps making an annoying noise.

It's the same noise that comes on when something is blocking the drop sensors or when the machine notices a problem.

This time though, the display says there are product on top of the machine.

After removing products from the top of the machine and re plugging the power supply, the noise still comes on.

Does anyone know of any way I can stop this noise?

Any help is appreciated.


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You drop sensors are out of adjustment.  The bottle on top it refers to is that it thinks there is more than one product in the delivery bin.  This causes the beeping noise and the error.  The sensor is difficult to adjust for a novice and the newer sensors with the red aiming leads make it much easier.  If you need a new sensor then email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.

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