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NAV (north american vending) Gumball Wheel


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I know there was another topic on this brand, but still trying to figure out the correct answer.  I purchased a used double head NAV machine ( all metal), both had candy wheels, and I wanted to vend 1 inch gumballs in one of the heads.  According to the forum, T. Pico and LYPC gumball wheels would work inside NAV machine, but I used both gumball wheels and it doesn't fit right, and would not vend.  I had to modify this wheel in order for it to vend, but not sure how long this modification will work.  It's now live, inside a location, but i want to replace this 'modified' gumball wheel asap.  Does anyone know which brand of gumball wheel will fit nice and snug inside an NAV machine?   Thanks!

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