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Dispense Arm and tea not working in a Geneva Model 3205


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First coffee machine and already hating it. Placed it plugged it in was supposed to be remanumactured/refurbished and as soon as i tried to vend the first cup I got the dispense arm out of service on the LCD display. I did some basic trouble shooting and found 2 limit switches on the under side of the arm so in good old American fashion I tapped them and checked connections made sure they were tight turned the machine back on and it was fixed for about 10 cups of coffee then the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem does the limit switch need to be replaced maybe realigned? Also when tea was trying to be vended it dropped the powdered tea out but never mixed with water while the bowl beside it which is capped off on the top had plenty of hot water running through it... I found that odd 🤔 any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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