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Dixie Narco 276 not vending properly, says "not in service"

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Hey people.  Here's the situation.

I have 2 different DN276's doing the same thing.  Put money in the machine, and select an item.  It vends the first one or two just fine.  Then once the 2nd or 3rd of that item is selected, that selection says "not in service".  In one of our machines, 3 different selections are doing this.  Then when you open the machine back up, the selections that are "not in service" will randomly vend one item once the door is open.  I purchased a couple of motors and swapped them out.  This fixed one of the selections, but the other 2 are still not working.  I was going to try and switch out the sold out switch but I don't think it is that, as it doesn't say the selection is sold out.


Any ideas?  I plan on picking up the drink machine in the coming weeks and putting in a newer Vendo.  

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You have bad motor switches, an exposed wire in the thin wires exiting the left side of the motor cover or a loose motor switch connector on the logic board.  This is usually bad motor switches and when one goes bad after years of service they all should be replaced.

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