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Picked up a free trashed gumball machine.


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I was driving home after work, and saw what i thought was a beaver machine on a wood stand on the side of the road with a free sign on it. I pulled over and hurriedly  threw in my Suburban. I heard change was still in it when i picked it up. I didn't really check out the machine till i got home and realized it wasn't a Beaver but a knockoff brand made by Sales Force. 

I was even more dismayed at the condition the machine was in and what the machine is made out of. It's mostly plastic except for the coin mech and the top. Upon further inspection there was no lock on the machine just a nut that was tightened on to keep the lid in place. The lid is pretty much wrecked as it looks like the lock that used to be there was drilled out in the past and the surrounding area was heavily damaged. The body is made out of plastic and was shattered in the past then glued back together in a couple places. 

 On the upside i got a nice stand and $2.75 in quarters out of it as well as a usable coin mech i will probably sell. I also got a spare candy wheel out of it too that i will hold onto. 

crapball machine.jpg



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