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What would be the most charitable charity to work for that you know?


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Right now i work with Sheridan and im sure money goes to research but im not really sure if its alot after administrative. I read a post that NCCS may not ge as great as they sound idk Im up to 28 locations hopefully 30 soon. I want to fix this before im changing out a 100 or so labels. I was thinking about one of those hospitals that will take care of your kid for nothing or very little or a epilespy charity since that hits home. I be honest with my locations about what i do and i even bumped it to a dollar or  like the other charities do but im heavily  thinking about doing a flat 15 to 20 percent. But even if i do 20 percentit doesnt mean much unless its a good charity. But  I am obviously going to do research on charities within the Dallas area that i might miss that you suggest if any of you know a good one that would be great. 

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Strongly recommend you choose a reputable, well known & respected local charity.  Locations are more apt to say yes to you, you'll feel confident in your pitch (& therefore enjoy more success)  & you can honestly say that all charitable funds stay locally as well. 

Years ago I approached a local charity that I thoroughly believed in.  They didn't have a vending relationship but were receptive when approached.  I convinced them that it would be easy money (they do nothing really except write you an authorization letter) & that their exposure (via the display cards  in ur machines) would increase- like having little billboards all over town.   They liked that.  There will be some hoops to jump thru tho.  Getting authorization to use their logo on your display cards & business shirts (highly, highly recommend) often requires board level approval.  Also, those few times that a suspicious mind called the charity  to see if this was for real, they had my back.

I pay my charity an established sum quarterly.  Great for me cause I owe them no more $ as I add locations.  You're in the infancy of ur biz so that may not work yet.  

Good luck to you!



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