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Mike & Ike dispensing quantity: lets also touch on M&M, and Skittles


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Hi, I hate to do this, because I'm sure there are dozens of posts about it.  I tried to do some skimming through the forum for this topic, but there were hundreds of different topics about it, and I got tired, so I'll just post anyway.

*I'm thinking about including Mike & Ike into my arsenal.  Some of the staff at one of my locations were really pushing for me to throw this into the machine.  I did some math...estimating 7-8 pieces to cost 5 cent.  

Question:  How many pieces are you guys delivering per vend?  I estimate 7-8 pieces to fit the cost.  Are you guys dispensing more than 7-8 pieces??

I noticed some of you were a bit generous with your skittles.  I vend 10-11 skittles to keep my cost at 5 cent.  I don't want to get too overboard here..

Gumballs are 2 cent per vend.

How many M&M's are you dispensing per vend??  Where are you trying to position your cost?  Are you trying to keep it in the 5 cent range, or you guys getting generous at 6,7,8, 10 cent?


''the dragon''

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depends on the machine, I use beaver, these are my settings

mm chocolate 10 to 15

skittles 10 to 15

mm peanut 4 to 6

mm peanut butter 4 to 6

850 count gum 1

3650 count gum 4 to 6

mike and ike 4 to 7

chicklets 4 to 7



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