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Crane 784 door broken?


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Have a crane 784. Sorry this post will be a little long. It’s a frozen food and snack combo. Machine been in service at same location working great for years.



Machine stopped cooling correctly, so we took it off location and replaced it with just a snack unit, as location wanted to trade anyways.

Took it to my refrigeration guy, he said fan wasn’t turning and he put some Freon in it.. machine cooled great then and vended great However the units compressor wouldn’t kick off kept running and running. So I ordered and replaced the “Part number 4644008 TRIAC PCB” and that fixed that issue.


So I loaded it in truck took it to new location Friday. I get a call today saying frozen section isn’t working..snack part works great but nothing frozen will vend.


I go there and put money in push a frozen selection and it says please try another selection after a few seconds. On this machine the entire frozen selection slides open and product vends then it slides shut. For some reason this door is not opening and closing. Im assuming the issue is this will not slide so its saying NO I cant vend.


I did notice now when I open the door the display reads “ FOOD 1. 3. *. “   


I see there is a mechanism under the frozen door Im assuming all the controls the door opening and closing?


Any idea what is causing this issue? Thanks! Sorry for the long post again!








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I think that message is interpreted as

FOOD 0123*

0 Vend Door Lock switch is Locked

1 Loading Door is Closed

2 Food Door is Closed

3 Food Door is Open

* Door is Jammed or other error exists


Use the machine test by pressing TEST then scrolling down to FOOD 0123*

Press TEST again to move the door to new position, vend door will lock if door is opened

Press EXIT until you leave the test function.

If I had to take a guess I'd suspect a mechanical link failure/jam in the door mech, but it's worth using the test function just to check electrical functioning.

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