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Sams closing out 5lb tab gum


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I was just at my local Sam's club and they must be clearing out Double Bubble 5lb Tab gum bags.  $4.71 a bag.  I can't even find the 5lb bags on their website anymore.

850 gumballs were still $20.16  so I guess I'm lucky they still carry them.

*sigh* I am so looking forward to the days of ordering everything in a mixed pallet...

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Do you mean the chicle tabs? The Sam's here still carries them for now, I noticed yesterday they had a huge pallet full of them still. If push comes to shove I might buy them all up and after you guys get to know me better I could send you some at the cost I paid + actual shipping.0919170800.thumb.jpg.47364e7df1000dd959f436da051a4366.jpg

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On ‎1‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 7:10 PM, Mehehe said:

yep, that's them.  I bought 15 bags, at $4.71 i couldn't pass it up.

I just did the EXACT same thing. I was in there Friday, and they had them for $4.71 so I racked up...Probably go back and clean them out if they have more tomorrow when I go in.

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I'm overrun with chicles right now haha I went back AGAIN and cleaned them out, I think there was 6 bags left, and I just grabbed the whole box and hit the register haha

I did get the chance to talk to my friend that's in inventory, and she said Sam's did in fact cancel them. She said when they're gone they're gone. And I went ahead and cleaned them out.

She said the gumballs were safe... For now... But I'm watching them CLOSELY, if the price drops on those, I'm cleaning them out of those too.

So, if you DO see them in your local Sam's, I suggest racking up while you can, because $4.71 for a 5lb bag of Chckle Tabs is a VERY good price indeed.

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