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How to break into my own machines


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I had all my game keys stolen out of my vehicle and I'm in the process of having to break into all my machines. I was going to do a lock replacement that afternoon and had my box of spare locks and keys on me, which also was taken. 

I had about 30 keys for my 47 machines. As I'm still a one-woman business, this has been a pretty devastating blow.  I have over 40 Beaver locks that used only 3 keys and I've yet to find anywhere with Beaver locks less than $13 not including shipping. You guys can do the math...

I am unsure how to proceed with breaking into a few of my machines.

First question, should I attempt to drill out a lock on the glass door? They're Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. Can the top possibly be removed? 

For my 6 mech Sticker machine (pic attached) , there's a lock found under the top 3-mech assembly after you lift the assembly out. Unlocking it allows you to remove the bottom 3-mech assembly. Does someone know what type of lock it is? There's also one on top that lets you take the first 3-mech assembly out. 

I'm pretty inexperienced in locks and types and best places to get them. Same with power tools haha I learned yesterday to lubricate the bit to keep it from getting too hot... 

I'd appreciate any tips offered on this situation.

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Anyone have Beaver keys? S2 and S29 flat, B205, A906, A5120 flat or tubular (can't remember) 

Tubular - 5224, 8075, 8252, 8434, 8504,

Flat - EC 102, SA104, SA115, 217, 695, A005, 

Half circle - 188


Willing to pay for them and for your time searching of course... 

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 Beaver will sell them to you if there's not another owner close by,  the crane keys are probably stock still from the manufacturer,  if not,  you'll need to have a locksmith do it.  It'll cost a lot,  but not all of those locks will be easy to drill if you don't have experience doing this.

Not that this helps,  but this is why I use route locks.  I use about 6 keys for the whole route.  I keep one set in my service bag,  one on me,  and one in the shop. At any time I can order a back up key. 


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