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Dixie narco 501e issue


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Out filling machines yesterday. While I'm at one of my busier locations, noticed an issue with my 501e. It was almost completely empty when I got there, 2 of 9 columns not sold out, which is usually the case. When I'm almost done filling, a guy walks up to buy a coke. I always close the door and let them put the money in just to keep it simple. He goes to buy a coke and it says sold out. I just put 45 cans in there, so that's wrong. Check connections and wires. Now other selections are giving a false sold out. Wiggled the connectors at the base of the site by the hinge and now 2 different selections su sold out, but the others now show full. I can't pull the connectors apart at all, which I think might be the issue. That sound about right to anyone else? 

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