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Genesis Model 173 Combo: Worth Fixing or Piece of Junk?


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A few days ago I bought a Genesis Combo model 173 for $50. The seller didn't know what its condition was and it was very clean so I bought it "as is". The vending machine is in 3 sections, the top snack/control section, the bottom soda and compressor, and the side section with ten additional coils. It has two problems.

1. The refrigeration unit does not cool. The fans work and the compressor heats up, but no cold air comes out.
2. Snack selections B2, C0 and soda selection D6 do not work. All other selections work fine.

I determined that the motors to the bad selections work by swapping the motor with the one next to it. I checked the continuity of the harnesses and they are good. I conclude the problem with these bad selections are with the main board. The signal to turn the motors is not getting to the motors from the board.

Is it worth spending more time and money on this machine? Should I pay my vending repair man to recharge the freon ($125)? The main board is available on eBay for $265. I have a location that needs a combo machine.

Orange, CA

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those machines are very dependable, the compressor and parts are interchangeable with older and newer models, you should have no problems finding parts for it, $125 to fix compressor is about right if it has a leak that needs to be sealed, if no leak, to fill is about $80.

If most of the selections work, get the compressor going, stick it in the location for a bit, until a better machine comes along and swap out then, what's the worst that can happen? you'll make cash? otherwise location is empty and no one is profiting, someone else might get in there before you do.

Id rather have a golpher machine in for a bit, than nothing at all

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