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Didn't you just post about this machine?

In any case, if you just want it to work again, and don't care about period correctness then pick up a used changer off eBay.

Mars 6800H, or a Coinco 3341S, 9360S, 9370S should work. You can even connect a bill validator if you want.

As for the Vortexes, I think they were all MDB, so they wouldn't work in your machine. Even if they did, lets just say that there are more than a few of those in landfills, courtesy of their rather shittacular design.

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As far as security, the best is to only choose safer locations - indoors, around people and visible.  If you can’t get that, an extra padlock may help, and a cage will limit abusive customers kicking the machine.  In the end, if the machine is exposed where a thief has access and time to work unobserved, they will get in no matter what.  And they care not how much damage they do in the process.  

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