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Dixie narco 368 Refrigeration unit


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It's not hard.  You need a set of screw drivers (preferably ones where the shaft is somewhat thin), a socket set with an extension, and a ratchet and you'll be able to change almost any deck.  You should also carry refrigeration gum.  Aside from that, you might have to wiggle the bottom of the deck to go over the bolt holes/studs, but it's really not difficult. It's just confusing the first time.

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2 hours ago, AZVendor said:

It's a piece of cake 15 minute job.  2.5 hours says you aren't mechanically inclined or you try to fix everything wth a pair or pliers.

Eh, I took a pretty long time on my first one, too.

Didn't want to kink any lines.

I could probably do one in 30-45 min now.

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